My observation about reporters

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A journalist (also called a newspaperman) is a person who practices journalism, the gathering and dissemination of information about current events, trends, issues and people.

Reporters are one type of journalist. They create reports as a profession for broadcast or publication in mass media such as newspapers, television, radio, magazines, documentary film, and the Internet. Reporters find sources for their work, their reports can be either spoken or written, and they are often expected to report in the most objective and unbiased way to serve the public good. A columnist is a journalist who writes pieces that appear regularly in newspapers or magazines.

On 15th of February 2008, I was went to BERNAMA. I went to that place to see how the reporters doing their job. After I arrive at the newsroom BERNAMA, the situations in that place are quite quiet because of many reporters went out to assign their assignments. 

Norazurra Aziz, reporter from desk crime BERNAMA are helped and showed to me how the reporters do their job. In my observation in that day, I get much new knowledge about how reporters work.

Every morning the reporter will check through their e-mail to know weather they have an assignment or not. If there are no assignments in that day, they just stand by in office for unpredictable assignment. They also must have many informers and friends for a current news and information.

The reporter must en sure every news that they want to cover must have newsworthiness and if in the same time there are two different of news the reporter must choose the most important news to write about it.


After that, the reporter also must write news that related with their job. The reporters have their own scope job so they must cover news according to their job like crime desk must cover just about crime news.


Beside that, if they are late to attend the even they can take or ask the information from the other reporter. As the reporter, they always help and co-operated each other to get the news.


When they attend press conference, they must think faster to ask question according to their field. If the press conference not related with their field they can ask the person who involve that press conference after the press conference finish or call them.


Lastly, after they finish cover the news they back to the office and give some summarize the news to the editor, if the editor proceeds that news they will write and sent to editor through e-mail.

 Illustration purpose

For the conclusion, I think the reporter must faster to do their job and also must have many friends to easier when their want the information. The reporter also is an interesting job because sometime they can be a formal person and sometime not.




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Good job..
Hopefully you can be a good journalist like them

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